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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Beautiful Things in The Algarve

There were so many beautiful things in the Algarve, I really enjoyed taking photos of nature and wildlife. We visited Sagres towards the end of April, which was an ideal time of year to see the wildflowers, especially as most of the coast has nature reserves. I thought I'd do a post on all of the beautiful things we saw that we enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too!

 Bird of Paradise

 A busy bee!

 Lemon tree

 Wild lavender

 Mountain view

 Red coastal flower...not sure what it is :)

 I think these are Agave trees, but I'm not 100% sure :)



 Wild poppies. My boyfriend kindly stopped the car so I could take some photos :)

 A meadow of wildflowers...as far as the eye can see
 Sweet peas. The scent was gorgeous!

I hope you've enjoyed these photos. Have a great weekend! Thank you for reading. Angharad x


  1. These photographs are incredible! The peacock in particular, he looks so proud!! And I like the little busy bee! Cracking snaps!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    1. Thank you, Betty. Very kind! Angharad x


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