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Monday, 2 May 2016

Sagres Sunset

I like to blog about beautiful things and beautiful experiences, and I was fortunate enough last week to view the sunset at Sagres, Portugal, the most South-Western tip of Europe.
We googled the time of the sunset and made the short drive from our hotel to Cape St Vincent in Sagres. Unbeknownst to us, the sunset at Sagres is quite an attraction, and there were already several cars parked up and about 60-70 people huddled together and perched on the cliff tops when we arrived. It's been voted by The Telegraph as the 2nd best sunset in the world, so we were rather excited.

The area of Sagres reminded us of the film Interstellar; large corn fields, long stretches of open road, and perilously high cliff tops. Staying in Sagres made us appreciate how the Europeans really thought that it was at "the end of the world" before the 15th Century.
It had been a gloriously hot and sunny day, but it was very windy and cold on the exposed cliff top. I was dressed completely inappropriately in my little black dress and heels, ready for our dinner reservation at 9.00pm. My boyfriend reminded me that everyone else would be focused on the sun, rather than my ridiculous outfit choice. He was right, and I was also very glad that I took him up on his suggestion to wear my warm coat!
The silhouettes of the spectators against the sun going down looked really dramatic and unusual, and the atmosphere felt like we were at a festival or some kind of spiritual gathering. A group of people in silent appreciation, drawn by the beauty of the sun slowly dissolving into the sea on a clear Monday evening.




  1. This looks so stunning! Glad you had a wonderful time in Portugal, it's one of my faves and I'm super excited to go in July :)
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    1. Hi Betty! I'm glad you like the photos, you're going to have a fab time in Portugal! Just had a look at your blog and I was really interested to read about Duck & Waffle, I'm hoping to go there at some point! Angharad x

  2. Goodness these photographs are stunning. You're so lucky to witness this! I would love to visit Portugal!
    Katie | Words By Katie

    1. Hi Katie! It was a lovely experience, I'm sure you'd have a great time there. Thank you for reading :) Angharad x


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