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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Beach Moments

There are lots of lovely little moments to experience and savour when you spend an afternoon at the beach; the sights, the sounds, the general feeling of contentment. 

On this occasion, we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon at Pobbles Bay, a secluded beach on the Gower Peninsula that looks like something straight out of an Enid Blyton story. It was great to get away, to switch off, and enjoy good company.
The perfect spot to go for a ride on a clear day; I was pleased that I managed to get a shot of this lady on her beautiful white horse at the top of the sand dunes.
 There were so many beautiful wildflowers and insects; the colours are so varied.
I thought this troupe of little dogs standing to attention on the beach looked so sweet! 
 The tide was coming in very fast, and they didn't seem too fond of the water. I saw a little boy nearby who was frantically building a fort on the beach and scolding his little brother for clumsily stepping on it and educating him that "every grain counts!"
Beautiful greens and yellow wildflowers
The view overlooking Pobbles
 I hope these photos help to convey what a beautiful, relaxing and happy afternoon we had.

Thank you for reading! Angharad x


  1. Flowers, butterflies and sand? What a lovely environment to spend an afternoon in! Your shot of the woman riding the beautiful white horse is very special, by the way :)



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