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Friday, 27 January 2017

Oxwich Bay

Hello jet lag, my old friend! 😴 One of my least favourite things about travelling is the jet lag when you get back home...it's not much fun to be honest. On Monday we thought we'd chase away the cobwebs with a trip to Oxwich Bay, a large sandy stretch in Gower. The weather was glorious! It was cold yet clear, and we had a beautiful sunset to enjoy 😊 It's good to be back in Wales!
We walked the entire length of the golden sands as the sun went down, and after our rather long walk we rewarded ourselves with a bite to eat at the Oxwich Bay Hotel, which has an open fire and is especially cosy at this time of year. I think these photos capture the natural beauty of Oxwich Bay and show how Wales is such a fantastic country!
Have a great weekend! Thank you for reading, Angharad x

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

10 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Barbados

I've just got back from such a lovely break in Barbados, and I'm so excited to show you some of the best parts of this amazing island. Barbados is a wonderful place to celebrate the new year, and it's the perfect place to beat the January blues. From the glamour of the 5 star hotels and swish restaurants on the island's West Coast, to the beautiful and relaxed area of St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados can be whatever you want it to be. Welcome to the tropical paradise of Barbados!

Alleynes Bay is situated on the West Coast of Barbados, and it's so pretty! Imagine dreamy expanses of the softest sand, swaying palm trees and warm turquoise waters which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Alleynes Bay is the ideal place to spend a lazy day relaxing in the sun.

The Lone Star is one of my favourite restaurants on the West Coast...it really has one of the best outlooks, and the white interior is uber stylish and glamorous. It doesn't look particularly special from the roadside, but as soon as you you walk through the main entrance and stand at the top of the steps overlooking the restaurant, you are literally blown away by the stunning view. On this occasion we made a reservation for breakfast and we enjoyed the lovely eggs benedict and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. I think that The Lone Star is best enjoyed in the day time, so you can fully appreciate the gorgeous view of the beach and the ocean.

St. Lawrence Gap is one of my favourite areas of the island. I actually prefer it to the West Coast because there are more bars and restaurants which you can walk to within close proximity. It's less pretentious than the West Coast, but it's certainly not tacky, which can be difficult to find in some holiday locations. On our last night we saw the most beautiful sunset which coincided with happy hour (yay!). If you fancy a rum punch or an exotic cocktail at sundown then head to one of the lovely bars and restaurants in The Gap!

Dover Beach is my favourite beach on the whole island. It's much bigger than the beaches on the West Coast, and there is plenty of space for sun beds, so it never feels crowded. The sand is powder white, and the sea is such a fabulous colour; I love how it has different shades of turquoise, according to how deep the waters are. It was lots of fun swimming here, and we even saw turtles bob their heads up in the waves! My boyfriend enjoyed water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding, and windsurfing, whilst I read my book on a sun lounger under a palm tree :-)

Our visit to Bottom Bay made us feel like we'd been shipwrecked on a desert island; it's so sheltered and hidden away. We hired a car and drove to the beach on a cloudy day, so this photo doesn't capture it at it's best, but it's semi enclosed by high coral cliffs and a small cluster of tall, leaning palm trees, making it very picturesque. A local guy sat at the top of the steps leading down to the beach, and offered to make us homemade cocktails served in fresh coconuts (he told us that one of them was called the Rihanna, which I thought was pretty cool!).
Foul Bay is so beautiful, quiet, and unspoilt. We literally had the entire beach to ourselves, and all we could hear was the sound of the waves as the tide came in, which was really special. Again, we visited on a cloudy day, so I'd imagine it to look absolutely stunning when the sun is out. The natural beauty of the beach actually reminded us of Broad Haven South Beach in West Wales, with the addition of a few palm trees!
Castaways Bar & Grill was one of our favourite casual lunch spots in St. Lawrence Gap. Just look at the view! The beautiful shallow waters actually looked like a blue lagoon, and it was great fun watching a small fishing boat bringing in the daily catch which was prepared and barbecued at the waters edge.
Bathsheba is on the East Coast and it's more rugged and wild. It's very popular with surfers and offers a great change of scenery to the calmer and more serene areas of the island. We enjoyed watching the surfers take on the impressive waves in the famous Soup Bowl.
The surf! Here's my boyfriend enjoying the surf :-D There are some good surf spots which offer consistent swells, and the water is so warm and clean; it's the perfect temperature to take a dip and cool down on a hot day.
The Crane Beach is best viewed from The Crane Hotel, which is high up on the cliff edge. It's a large and impressive beach, and the sea has powerful waves. We enjoyed lunch at L'Azure, which has a beautiful cliff-side view of the beach.

I really hope that you've enjoyed these photos!
 As always, thank you for reading, and Happy New Year :) Angharad x

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