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Friday, 15 February 2019

Things I learnt from planning our wedding

I've written this post to round off all my other wedding-related posts. For those of you who aren't really interested in wedding planning, you can breathe a sigh of relief; normal service will soon be restored 😂 Anyway, I've really enjoyed putting these posts together and sharing our experiences with you, so thanks for sticking around!

If you've got married then perhaps some of this will resonate with you; as I've mentioned previously, we absolutely loved our wedding day, but we found the lead-up to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster and quite stressful on occasion. I felt that I wanted to share some of my own personal experiences, which you may find helpful if you're planning your wedding.

So here's my final post about some of the things we learnt from planning our wedding. Are you ready? Let's go!

1. Friends and family mean so much
You'll discover that your friends and family will go above and beyond, and you'll really appreciate their kindness, and how they made you feel. Planning a wedding was hard work at times, and it was important to have stability and stay close to those who were reliable and supportive. I loved spending time with my family in the run-up to the big day, particularly as some of my family were visiting from overseas. A wedding is, after all, a celebration and a happy occasion, and it was precious to spend time with close family who assisted with the wedding preparations. My mum, in particular, was a rock throughout the build up to the wedding and on the day itself. Some people really are one in a million, and you will be so thankful for them and always remember their support and love.

2. Things won't always go to plan
On the other end of the scale, you'll find that things won't always go to plan and this can be frustrating at times.  For example, you may find that the wedding reception isn't available on the same day as the church,  or certain things may not be within your budget. It's a challenge juggling wedding admin when you've got full time jobs and other things to do. I actually came down with the flu when we had all our wedding invites to write, which was very bad timing! You may find that people won't RSVP, or they'll say they're attending out of politeness but cancel on you later on. Don't stress...it's only a wedding 😂 I think it's fair to say that not everyone fully appreciates just how much organisation is involved (we certainly didn't until we started planning our own wedding!), so you need to be flexible. Try to accept that these things happen and move on.

3. Your relationships with others can change
A wedding is a significant life event and it can influence your personal relationships in ways you may not have anticipated. Getting married can create ripples in all your other relationships; it's a period of adjustment which can feel a bit unsettling but it's also an opportunity for new beginnings. This is the start of an exciting new chapter, so embrace the changes and you'll find that things will gradually fall into place.

4. You don't have to spend lots to have a beautiful wedding
Lots of brides-to-be feel under pressure to spend a lot of money to create their perfect day, but you can have a beautiful wedding without going overboard with the costs. Weddings can be very expensive, so think carefully and discuss the things that are important for both of you and the things that you're willing to compromise on to stay within budget; it will still be a beautiful wedding.

5. It's great being married 😊
I love being married! People have asked me what it's like being married and the honest answer is that it's the same as before, only better! It's so special to make a commitment to the one you love 💗
Our wedding day at Oxwich Beach, Wales, UK

So that's it! My final post on wedding planning 👰
I've really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you, and I hope you've found these posts helpful.

Thank you for reading! Angharad x
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