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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Nature and Wildlife in the Maldives

The beautiful resort island of Reethi Faru in the Maldives was rich with nature and exotic wildlife,  and there were a few things on the island that we'd never seen before. The marine life was absolutely stunning; there were so many different varieties and amazing colours of fish, it was hard to believe that they were real. Here is just a snapshot of some of the beautiful things we came across on the island!

 Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs protect themselves from predators by making themselves at home in an empty seashell, and use this to retract their whole body into. As the hermit crab grows larger in size, it finds a larger shell and abandons the previous one. We saw quite a few of these scuttling along the sand, and David kindly picked one up for a photo (I didn't want to get nipped!).

Fruit Bats

I'd never seen Fruit Bats in their natural habitat before, and it was really cool seeing them hanging in the trees and snacking on fruit. As dusk fell, the bats would swoop from tree to tree and were fascinating to watch. Some see them as pests, but they play an important role in seed dispersal and pollination (they also look very cute!). The best time to photograph them was early evening, before they start to take off.

Oriental Garden Lizard

Reethi Faru had lots of lizards scurrying around the island, and they all loved posing for photos (as you can see!). The lizards eat mainly insects and help to control insect populations...we'd often see them standing very still, before running off somewhere very quickly. The Oriental Garden Lizard is also known as the "Changeable Lizard", due it its wide variation in colouration and ability to change colours during the breeding season. We also saw geckos in the bathroom of our beach villa; they would appear in the evening to come and say hello!

Beautiful Flowers
Jungle geranium
Water lily
One of my favourite things about visiting the Maldives was seeing all the beautiful flowers , particularly those which you don't get back home. Reethi Faru had lots of different varieties of plants, trees and flowers, like frangipani, hibiscus, jungle geranium, and water lilies. I love flowers so much and it was lovely to see them in bloom and capture some nice photos.

Palm Trees

When you think of the Maldives you probably think of swaying palms against blue waters and gorgeous sunsets, and Reethi Faru didn't disappoint! There were some lovely palm trees by the swimming pool which looked really striking as the sun went down; I loved how natural and unspoilt the island was.

Stunning Sunsets
We enjoyed some really beautiful sunsets at Reethi Faru; the Sunset Bar had deckchairs on the beach so you could sit down and enjoy the sun going down with a nice drink and some popcorn. Another beautiful thing we saw on the beach at night time was a natural phenomenon called 'bioluminescence', where bioluminescent plankton glowed in the dark and lit up in neon blue patches as the tide came in.

It was such a special experience to stay in the Maldives and enjoy its nature and wildlife. I hope you've enjoyed these photos, and I'd love to hear from you if you've also visited the Maldives!

Thank you for reading, Angharad x

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